Lane Express

The Tokenized Community Platform



Acquire Significant Benefits of the Tokenized Economy

Reshape Business Model


Innovate Equity Incentive Plan


Innovated Applications of Tokenized Community


Use token as pre-sale of product/service usage rights and transfer of equity


Use token as virtual equity incentives to your company 

Fans Community

Use token as Users Loyalty to your fan community, allowing fans to share value (let users become “shareholders”) and increase loyalty 

Optimizing Supply Chain

Use token to assist Upstream and Downstream Settlement, and Build Closed Loops for Good Supply Chain Information Flows, Business Flows, and Value Flows


Use token to participate in easy and transparent investment such as REIT without geographical restrictions


Use token to get funding for your creative project 

How We Can Get There


1. Start a Community

Owner creates Lane Network and invites members to join in

Lane Network is comprised of channels which hold most of conversations with other members. The channels can be organized around anything — groups, departments, projects, topics or events. 

Instant messaging is fast, secure, synced across all devices, very powerful while providing rich content editor, self-definition of channel’s tab, etc. and still ease-to-use


2. One Click to Create Token

Every Lane Network can issue its own blockchain-based token, or bind an existing one

The build-in token wallet helps users manage all their token assets in an intuitive and secure way. 


3. Using Innovated Tokenized Incentive Mechanism and Infrastructure to Build a Better Community

Lane provides out-of-the-box token-enchanted scenarios such as value-transfer, value-exchange, value distribution, crowd-funding, lucky-draw, paid to read, paid to vote, pay for read, etc., will vitalize the token for the community. 

Lane also provide reliable transaction for C2C Token Exchange